Programs and Services

    Goals and Objectives

    • Increase academic success and achievement

    • Increase academic and educational opportunities

    • Provide supplemental academic services for all grades

    • Encourage parent participation

    • Improve the graduation rate of American Indian students

    • Increase communication between home and school

    • Improve daily attendance

    • Reduce the dropout rate among American Indian students

    • Empower families for appropriate self-advocacy

    • Increase college matriculation

    • Connect families to tribal resources

    • Utilization of academic and cultural resources

    Title VI Program (implemented in 1974)

    The Title VI program serves approximately 2,017 students in the Norman Public Schools system.

    Eligibility requirement:

    Title VI services include:

    • Elementary tutoring program - on-site tutoring during school hours for students
    • Secondary tutoring program - on-site tutoring during school hours for students
    • School supplies
    • ACT/SAT/PSAT Test Scholarships
    • ACT/SAT/PSAT Prep Scholarships
    • Advanced Placement Test Fee Scholarships
    • Fees for Honor Society and other educational programs
    • College Links Program - Yearly "College Road Trips" for students in grades 2nd, 7th, and 9th - 12th in preparation for college.
    • Cap and Gown Scholarships
    • College and Career Fairs
    • Career Counseling

    Johnson O'Malley Program (implemented in 1991)

    The JOM Program serves approximately 1,233 Native American students in the Norman Public Schools.

    Eligibility requirements:

    • Tribal membership card/letter or CDIB. The JOM Program requires a student to be eligible for tribal membership with a federally recognized tribe. Parents must provide written documentation.
    • Birth Certificate linking a student to a parent who has tribal membership.

    JOM services include:

    • Assistance with school supplies
    • Assistance with classroom fees
    • Battle of The Books Reading Competition (4th Grade students only)
    • Middle School Student Rewards Program - recognizing students earning A's and B's per semester
    • Mini-Festive for all 3rd Grade students
    • Educational opportunities/competitions
    • Cultural programs

    Resources Available For Check Out

    • Library book by Native American authors and books on many different tribes and cultures
    • Laptops for high school students
    • TI-83 Plus calculators for high school students taking higher level math classes; standard calculators for middle school students
    • Teacher resource kits
    • Videos/DVDs
    • Audiotapes