Secure Facilities

  • Student safety is a top priority. That is why every school in the district is equipped with a secure vestibule and has implemented a streamlined visitor check-in system. 

    The vestibules, which were made possible with bond issue funds, provide additional protection for students by adding a secured space. Vestibules are secured areas with entry doors that lead directly to an office sign-in area.

    We have partnered with SchoolSafeID to implement a consistent, streamlined visitor check-in system across the district to help ensure student safety and provide a more efficient process for parents, families, and volunteers. Visitors are asked to bring a photo ID and use the kiosk in the main office to complete the check-in process.

    Once a visitor has signed in and been identified as an authorized visitor, the doors from the sign-in area to the school are electronically unlocked. In addition to the added security of knowing who is visiting the school, a security vestibule also serves as a single point of entrance for students and visitors to arrive at the building after school has begun, as all other doors to the school remain locked while school is in session.

    School buildings are also equipped with storm-safe areas. Click here for more information.