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    Sulley, Adams Therapy Dog 

    My name is Sullivan P. Murphy. They call me Sulley. I was born on February 18, 2018. I am a Miniature Goldendoodle and a Certified Therapy Dog. I completed lots of training classes and passed a certification test to be able to visit schools and other places, like nursing homes and hospitals. I attended classes at Canine Sports Academy and A New Leash On Life. Therapy dogs have been shown to help people feel calm, reduce anxiety, and increase communication.

    I love being a part of Adams and providing emotional support for our All-Star students and staff. I always get super excited when my mom, Mrs. Murphy, gets out my work bag in the morning. I know that means I am going to school! Some of my favorite things are playing keep away with balls and tug-of-war. I have a new partner in crime at home, my younger puppy brother, Flint. We enjoy wrestling and stretching out on the cool tile floor together for naps. I like to sniff your hands and feet when we meet. Don't worry! That's how I get to know people and recognize who they are. I am always up for a belly rub or a good scratch behind the ears!