Research Questions

  • Interested in conducting research in the Norman Public Schools?
    NPS Institutional Review Board (NPS-IRB) approval is required for conducting any research within the school district. NPS employees, university professors, graduate students, and all others must obtain permission prior to conducting any research involving teachers, other staff, or students within the Norman Public Schools.
    Requirements for Research in the Norman Public Schools

    The Norman Public School District collaborates with individuals, outside agencies and institutions of higher education to conduct research that has the potential to provide important knowledge in areas, which have an impact on the district’s mission. It is the mission of Norman Public Schools, in partnership with the community, to ensure academic excellence; create safe, positive schools; and develop responsible citizens. Because of the large number of requests for research in the Norman Public Schools it is necessary to establish guidelines for the approval of studies. 

    Within this framework the district’s Educational Services Staff serves as a “board of review” for research proposals. Completed proposals are scheduled for review by the staff. Researchers should allow one month for the review process. Proposals are not reviewed during the summer.



  • Procedure

    1. Submit electronically a copy of your proposal and all materials to be used in the project to

    2. The research is expected to contribute to the improvement of education and the general welfare of children.

    3. Survey instruments, letters to subjects, etc. must be free of misspelled words and/or grammatical errors. Although the district has not constructed the research instruments, they are often viewed as being “from the district” and as such reflect on the reputation and/or perception of the district.

    4. The proposal must be well organized and clearly identify the elements on the Proposal for Research form.

    5. The objective of the research must be clearly stated and the design should produce valid and reliable results.

    6. If the proposal is approved, the researcher(s) will be asked to notify parents by mail if the project involves activities or testing not commonly included in the regular instructional program. Data from students derived from interviews or questionnaires must have advanced written authorization of parents or guardians. Parents will have the option of excluding their child from the research project. If letters of the notification are required, the researcher(s) will be responsible for all mailing costs.

    7. Student anonymity must be ensured.

    8. The level of intrusiveness in personal and parental habits, attitudes, and behaviors must be considered.

    9. The developmental appropriateness of the proposal for the given population must be considered, i.e. instrumentation and interview protocols.

    10. The district receives many requests to conduct research; however, interruption of instruction must be on a limited basis.

    11. The amount of assistance required by the researcher from district and site staff will be considered by the review committee. Research proposals should be of sufficient scope and depth to justify the time of the students and staff of the Norman Public Schools.

    12. The research must not put the district in danger of legal or public relations repercussions.

    13. Projects involving higher education student research must have prior written approval by a faculty member of the institution in which the student is enrolled. This faculty member must have direct responsibility related to the student’s research. The researcher must also have a letter from the IRB giving approval of the research or submit it as soon as it is obtained.

    14. Copies of all project reports (dissertations, journal articles, etc.), collected within the Norman Public School District, and a one-page summary of results must be submitted to Educational Services at the conclusion of the research project.

    15. Following review by the Educational Services staff, the researcher(s) will be contacted with their decision. If the proposal is approved, the prospective researcher(s) must contact the principal of the school to determine whether he/she wishes to participate.

    16. The Educational Services staff must approve any deviation from procedures described in the proposal. Unapproved procedural changes will be considered grounds for project termination. All research activities in the school must be completed by May 15.

    Please call 366-5872 if you have any questions.

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