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  • The Field Trip or Activity Trip Request form, which is completed through Tripfinder, is required for activity that takes students off campus, including walking trips.

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  • "From the leader in school bus transportation software, Stopfinder is the all-in-one parent engagement app designed by parents for parents to keep you in the know. Receive bus location and messages, updates and alerts in real-time. Stopfinder allows parents and guardians know where their child’s bus is and when their student arrives at school or when dropped off at the bus stop."

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    Mike Tauscher


    Director of Transportation

    Mike Tauscher

    North American Transportation Management Institute
    Certified Director of Safety

    Motor Fleet Safety Management
    New York State School Bus Driver Training

    Assistant Director of Transportation 

    Jesse Hill

    International SPED Safety Award Winner
    CPI Certified

    Colorado Christian University
    Bachelor in Elementary Education

    Coordinator of Transportation

    David Chandler

    2022-2023 APA Aspiring Principals Academy
    Southern Nazarene
    Masters Educational Leadership
    Educational Administrator - 13 years
    Trained in Restorative Justice Practices

    Financial Secretary:  James Graham

    Field Trip Coordinator: Daniel Ford 

    Lead Router:  Michelle Fielding

    Routing Secretary:  Bobbie Scott

    Routing Secretary:  Alicia Graham

    Payroll Secretary:  Tricia Schertler

    Maintenance Secretary:  Deanna Shelton

    Address: 425 12th Ave NE, Norman, OK 73071

    Phone: 405.366.5965