Norman Public Schools Channel 18

  • The Video Resource Center is a part of the Norman Public School District and is located on the campus of Norman High School. For more than 30 years, the students of Norman Public Schools have brought you the best in public access broadcasting, thanks to the district's Video Resource Center. The center is a nationally recognized, award-winning, student production facility. Students from Norman High School and Norman North High School earn fine arts credits while producing programming for Norman Public School's Television Channel 18. The mission of the Video Resource Center is to utilize communication technologies to enhance the instructional and informational programs of the Norman Public Schools.


    The school channel was founded in 1979, under the direction of then teacher Gary Kramer and University of Oklahoma Studio Manager, Fred Avery. The first show to air on the new school channel was Tiger Den in the fall of 1979. Tiger Den detailed all of the happenings at Norman High school. For the first five years, the show was taped at OU for broadcast on cable Channel 8. In 1984, the Video Resource Center opened on the campus of Norman High School and the school channel was well on its way to becoming a nationally renowned educational program. 

    The school channel first debuted on channel 8 of Multimedia Cablevision. This would not be the permanent home, however, as it would later move to channel 29 and then would finally settle on Channel 18 under new host, Cox Cable.

    The school channel has seen many changes and innovations through the years. From the first days of beta tapes and VHS to the current digital formats in use today, the one constant has been the students. Students have produced a variety of shows on the channel and have created many cultural icons unique to the Norman community. Some of these include shows like Homeroom, Good Company, Black Tie Optional, The Shopping Channel, and a game show known as Truth Hors D'oeuvres and some unique characters such as Safety Sneaker, NorMan, and Bob & Rob.

    School Channel Today:

    Currently, the School Channel produces several weekly shows. Every Tuesday and Sunday the school channel airs the most recent NPS board of education meetings at 7 p.m. There are also many special events and school programming that can be found on Channel 18.

    Contact Us:

    For more information, call 405.366.5821 or email

Current Shows Broadcasting

  • District Directions:

    A 30-minute show that covers all the happenings in the NPS district. District Directions covers everything from curriculum to construction, giving parents the news they need.

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  • TNT:

    Teen News Television (TNT) is a live-to-tape show produced by Norman High and Norman North students. TNT focuses on events happening around the high schools and the Norman area.

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  • Tiger Den:

    Produced by the students of Norman High School. Tiger Den covers NHS from top to bottom giving you the latest news and stories happening at the school.

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  • Timberwolf Tracks:

    Produced by the students of Norman North High School. Timberwolf Tracks covers Norman North from top to bottom giving you the latest news and stories happening at the school.

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