Family and Consumer Sciences

  • The Norman Public Schools FCS department strives to prepare students for life, both current and future, by focusing on the real-world application of learned skills relating to self, family, and career. Students are exposed to the value of approaching life with a positive perspective and how that perspective can impact one's level of fulfillment and success in life.

    What is Family and Consumer Sciences or FCS?

    FCS deals with the relationship between individuals, families, communities, and the environment in which they live. This course is more than the home economics of the past. 

    It includes focus on a wide variety of disciplines including:

    • nutrition
    • food preparation
    • parenting
    • early childhood education
    • personal finance
    • family economics
    • interior design
    • apparel design
    • safety and hygiene

    Why study Family and Consumer Sciences?

    Students can learn critical life skills that enrich the quality of their personal lives and how to interact positively with others in their community. Students have the opportunity to follow a selected Plan of Study leading to Career Tech certification.