• Fine Arts Mission: "To prepare students to channel the power of creativity to change their community and the world."
    1. Growth and Retention - To connect all NPS students through at least one discipline in Fine Arts before graduation.
    2. Cultivating Culture and Achievement - To meet the basic needs of the WHOLE CHILD while students increase their skills in the arts and maintain an environment of excellence.
    3. Enriching Community Engagement with Fine Arts - Develop and maintain strategic partnerships within the local community to support innovation in arts education at all levels.

NPS Fine Arts

  • Fine Arts                            

    Every student in the Norman Public Schools will have the opportunity to study the arts. Students will acquire the understanding and skills necessary to create quality artworks and performances. Students will also develop problem-solving techniques for intellectual and artistic pursuits, appreciate the works of other artists, and value the arts in their everyday lives.

    The Fine Arts Department of the Norman Public Schools district includes discipline-based programs in visual art, general music, instrumental music, vocal music, theatrical arts, and modern dance. We support and facilitate correlation and integration activities and events among the arts and with other subject areas. We believe the strength of the arts lies in our discipline-based programs and that the arts enhance academics and student growth.