Tributes and Memorials

  • Would you like to thank a special teacher or friend, honor a loved one, or memorialize someone special? With your tribute, you might celebrate the birth of a child, recognize an outstanding teacher or coach, commemorate a high school class reunion, or support education through a holiday gift.

    An acknowledgement of your generosity will be sent to the person you designate; however, the amount of your gift is never revealed.

    Your contributions provide a meaningful way for you to both honor someone special and make a difference in the academic opportunities available to students in Norman Public Schools. Donations are invested into Norman classrooms through the Grants-to-Teachers program. Awarded teacher grants fund instructional materials and approaches, from the most basic to the most innovative. Expanded literature collections, state-of-the-art science equipment, digital exploration of ancient worlds, reading and writing skill builders - these are examples of the resources your contributions provide to students.

    Click here make a donation in honor of someone special.