• Madison School Mission:


    Our mission at Madison Elementary is to establish an empowering school culture for all students that is built on meaningful school and community relationships, fosters student-centered learning experiences, and will prepare our students to tackle any and all challenges they encounter as they continue to grow.


    Madison School Vision:


    Our vision at Madison Elementary is to utilize our uniqueness to refine the public school experience for ALL students to ensure their success.


    Madison Shared Values:


    • We believe all students should have a sense of belonging to the Madison community.


    • We believe that building meaningful relationships is key to student, parent, teacher, and community success.


    • We believe mutual respect is essential to the cultivation of a positive school community.


    • We believe that mindset is critical for our students to be successful in all school aspects (academics, social relationships, and community leadership).


    • We believe that a safe and secure learning environment is essential for all students and staff.


    Oklahoma School Report Card:


    To access our school's Oklahoma School Report Card, click here.